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Squishy Face Studio

Hands Free Dog Leash Belt

Hands Free Dog Leash Belt

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Would You Walk Your Dog More Often If You Could Use Your Smartphone At The Same Time?
In today's busy world, it can be tough to find the time needed to keep your dog happy and healthy with frequent walks. What if you were able to fully use your smartphone for calls, email, texting, etc. at the same time that you are walking your dog? Now multi-tasking is easy with the Leash Belt from Squishy Face Studio. It connects to any leash, allowing hands-free walking while also giving you peace of mind that you can't accidentally drop the leash if your dog unexpectedly tries to chase something.
While developing the Leash Belt we discovered an unexpected benefit when using it with strong leash pulling dogs.
The Leash Belt won't stop your dog's pulling behavior but instead it relieves your frustration as well as the arm, shoulder and upper back pain associated with a constantly pulling dog.
The Leash Belt spreads your dog's pulling force out over a 2" wide belt that goes around your hips - right at your center of gravity. This gives you better balance, no pain, and your frustration melts away.
Then you have the opportunity to work on training techniques to minimize your dog's leash pulling without pain and frustration.
One Year No Risk Guarantee/Warranty. What are you waiting for? Order yours now!
**Leash NOT included - works with any standard or retractable leash.
Sizing Information: Measure around your hips at their widest point and then order the Leash Belt size where your measurement is within the adjustment range. The Small-Medium size adjusts from 29"-42" and the Medium-Large size adjusts from 35"-54".


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